Unfortunately, the participation date of No Spits Today has expired.

Do you want to save valuable time during evening rush hours whilst contributing to improved regional living conditions? You can. By working from home more often and by commuting outside rush hours. By taking the bicycle, using an e-bike or public transport, or by sharing transport with others. This way you avoid traffic jams and save a lot of time, whilst accumulating credits for wonderful gifts, all depending on your transportation pattern. Last but not least, your participation in No Spits Today contributes towards improved regional accessibility and living conditions.

Working from home

You can work from home more often than you think!

Different times

Use your car before 3 p.m. or after 7 p.m. This enables you to avoid traffic jams and not waste precious time standing still.

Different transport

The healthiest and most sustainable option: leave your car and take a bicycle or an e-bike, or use public transport.

Download the app TimesUpp

Follow 3 simple steps to start saving
Participating is easy. Follow these 3 steps to immediately start saving:

  1. Install the TimesUpp app on your smartphone and fill in your personal details.
  2. Click on ‘Join us’ in the app and register with your vehicle registration number. You will immediately see whether or not you can participate in No Spits Today.
  3. Done! You will now acquire credits for every trip you make by bicycle, e-bike or public transport on your customary route during evening rush hours. You also acquire credits for working from home and avoiding rush hours!